Thirdweb Manager

The ThirdwebManager is a MonoBehaviour that provides a convenient and customizable way to instantiate and manage the ThirdwebSDK. Add the prefab to your scene and the SDK will persist throughout your game's lifecycle. It can be found at Thirdweb/Core/Prefabs/ThirdwebManager.


Configure ThirdwebManager through the Unity Inspector window.

Below is a list of all the settings you can adjust.

General Settings

This section involves the basic blockchain configurations. Adjust the following settings:

  • Active Chain: The identifier for the default blockchain to use.
  • Supported Chains: A list of all blockchains your game supports. For each chain, provide an identifier, a chain ID, and optionally, an RPC override.
  • Client ID: Thirdweb API Key. Used for default thirdweb services such as Storage and Account Abstraction.
  • Bundle ID Override: Optional override for the bundle ID used by thirdweb services. Defaults to Application Identifier and can be fetched using Utils.GetBundleId().
  • Initialize On Awake: Whether the SDK should initialize on awake or not. If not, you can call ThirdwebManager.Instance.Initialize("chain-identifier") to initialize it manually.
  • Show Debug Logs: Whether to show thirdweb sdk debug logs.
  • Thirdweb Config: SciptableObject for additional Thirdweb configuration. Generated automatically. Mainly used to set custom schemes for google login.

App Metadata

This section lets you define how your app appears in wallet providers like Metamask, WalletConnect, etc. Modify the following fields:

  • App Name: The name of your application.
  • App Description: A brief description of your app.
  • App Icons: Your app's icons.
  • App URL: The URL for your app.

Storage Options

Here, you can specify the URL for your IPFS gateway, which stores your assets in a decentralized way. Edit the following:

  • Storage IPFS Gateway Url: The URL for your IPFS gateway.

OpenZeppelin Defender Options

In this section, configure settings for OpenZeppelin Defender, a service that handles gasless transactions for your users. Adjust the following:

  • Relayer Url: The URL for your relayer service.
  • Forwarder Address: The address of your forwarder contract.
  • Forwarder Domain Override and Forwarder Version Override: Optional settings if you want to override the defaults for OpenZeppelin Defender.

Wallet Connect Options

Here, provide your project ID for WalletConnect:

  • WalletConnect Project ID: Your project ID for WalletConnect.
  • WalletConnect Explorer RecommendedWallet Ids: Wallets to show in the WalletConnect Modal in WebGL (

Smart Account Options

These settings are required to set up a smart account. Adjust the following:

  • Factory Contract Address: The address of your account factory contract.
  • Thirdweb API Key: Your API key for Thirdweb.
  • Gasless: Whether or not you want to use gasless transactions.
  • Deploy On Sign: Whether or not you want to force deploy a smart account upon signing a message or typed data.
  • Bundler Url, Paymaster Url, EntryPoint Address: Optional overrides for setting up your smart account.

Native Prefabs (Danger Zone)

This section allows you to provide GameObject prefabs for native wallet providers, which will be instantiated at runtime. Adjust the following:

  • WalletConnect Prefab: The prefab for WalletConnect's customizable UI/behavior.
  • Metamask Prefab: The prefab for Metamask's customizable UI/behavior.
  • EmbeddedWallet Prefab: The prefab for EmbeddedWallet's customizable UI/behavior.

Accessing the SDK

Once ThirdwebManager is set up and the game starts, it will instantiate the Thirdweb SDK based on your settings. You can access the instantiated SDK from other scripts using:

var sdk = ThirdwebManager.Instance.SDK;