Custom contract deployments on ZKSync with thirdweb CLI

Yash Kumar

We have enabled ZKSync Era deployments via thirdweb CLI. The deployments are enabled for both testnet and mainnet.

To create and deploy a contract, follow these steps:

  • use create command, with nightly version:
npx thirdweb@nightly create
  • Create Contract
    Select hardhat framework (forge is not supported)
  • deploy contract on ZkSync Era Testnet, with --zksync option:
npx thirdweb@nightly deploy --zksync

To just deploy a contract from any contract repo (i.e. without doing create above), ensure that hardhat config has ZKSync configured. Follow the official documentation. Then use the deploy command as below:

npx thirdweb@nightly deploy --zksync

If you have any questions, please reach out on our Discord.